My Opponent

Joseph Flok has shown blatant disregard for the importance of local elections and government. Flok has also shown no remorse in not following basic election rules.

  1. He’s never voted in a Municipal Election before the spring 2017 election.
  2. He built a building on his property, without getting a permit, got caught, and had to ask for a building permit after the building was completed.
  3. He placed illegal campaign signs in the Township and seems unwilling to make them legal.
  4. He has no experience with our local government, has not volunteered for any committees and was not known to the current Supervisors, except for his building permit snafu, until he ran his write in campaign.
  5. It’s not clear whether he runs a business. The Better Business Bureau indicated his business is closed.
  6. He’s been evicted 5 (FIVE) times.
  7. He’s not paid his income taxes, and has tax liens on his Upper Milford property for approximately $186,121 in delinquent State and Federal income taxes
  8. Doesn’t pay his credit card bills, either, and has approx. $21,185 in judgements against him for non-payment.


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